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How does TMJ treatment work?

Do you have sore jaws, trouble opening and closing your mouth or wake up with splitting headaches? If so, you may want to consider speaking with your dentist about TMJ treatment

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the jaw joint that allows your mouth to open and close. When a person has a dysfunctional TMJ, they may have a TMJ disorder, also called TMD. Many factors can contribute to TMD, such as (teeth grinding and clenching) bruxism, misaligned teeth, certain medications, growth and development disorders, stress, anxiety and more. 

Treating TMJ Disorders and Discomfort

There are several treatments for TMJ that can alleviate one’s pain and discomfort from the condition. Your dentist may offer therapies to better align your oral structure, recommend relaxation exercises or create a custom mouth guard or nightguard to gently reposition the jaws and prevent bruxism. 

A custom nightguard can help the jaw have ideal alignment, decrease muscle inflammation and protect your teeth from clenching, grinding and dental wear during sleep. 

Dr Malamas and our team design nightguards of the highest quality to ensure a comfortable andwoman in pain holding jaw | TMJ treatment clifton hill relaxing fit for every patient.  

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