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How often do teeth need to be cleaned by a professional?

Generally, we recommend a professional scale and clean every six months. However, the time between visits may change based on your gum health and the additional risk factors of each individual. Some cases may require three monthly cleans rather than six-monthly.woman receiving dental exam l dentist clifton hill

When you visit our Clifton Hill practice, we will examine your dental situation and assess your oral health before suggesting a customised programme for your dental cleans. 

Our Goal Is To Help You Achieve Optimal Oral Health

Our goal is to help you achieve the best oral health possible. If we notice signs of developing gum disease, we will likely recommend more frequent cleans to help you get to a better place with your oral health. Similarly, if we find that your teeth and gums are healthy and strong, we likely will stick to six-month cleans. 

However, as mentioned above, we will consider other risk factors as well when making our recommendation. If you have any questions about the cleaning schedule we recommend, please let our team know. We are always happy to answer questions and provide patient education. 

We hope you leave our practice after every visit with a clear path for achieving excellent oral health and feeling fully confident in your dental care. 

Call Your Dentist Near Northcote

As a cosmetic dentist in Northcote, we provide outstanding dental care to patients, including routine dental cleans and exams. At Clifton Hill Dental, we love helping patients keep their smiles bright and healthy, and regular dental cleans are a vital part of that!

We invite you to call our practice to book your next dental clean with our skilled and friendly team.

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