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What sort of brush should I use for brushing my teeth?

In terms of electric versus manual toothbrushes, we generally recommend an electric toothbrush for the best results. When used correctly, both electric and manual toothbrushes do the job, but most people have better results when using an electric toothbrush as it is smaller and does a lot of the work for you. 

mother and daughter brushing teeth l dentist near northcoteWhat Is The Best Toothbrush?

Either way, it is best to use a soft toothbrush or toothbrush head without rubber wings. Hard or medium brushes can be too abrasive and wear the enamel off the teeth, which may give you sensitivity. Additionally, abrasive toothbrushes may cause the gums to recede.

If you have questions about our recommendations for your specific situation, let us know. We are happy to provide you with information on the best toothbrushing methods, so you get the most out of your oral hygiene routine.

Visit Your Dentist Near Me for Dental Cleans

Regularly scheduled dental cleans offer you the best path toward exceptional oral health, so don’t forget to include regular cleans in your oral hygiene routine. It’s important to have a dental professional remove any tartar or plaque from hard-to-reach areas, and we can provide you with tips and advice on home care during your visit.

We provide excellent dental cleans in our Northcote dental practice to help our patients keep their teeth and gums strong and healthy. For a dental clean in the Northcote area, we invite you to contact Clifton Hill Dental.

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