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What is sleep apnoea?

Patients with sleep apnoea stop and start breathing while sleeping, sometimes repeatedly throughout the night. Since this condition affects your breathing, it can be dangerous and can lead to health issues, like daytime drowsiness, anxiety, hypertension, and even diabetes complications. 

Many patients are unaware of this fact, but if you have sleep apnoea, your dentist may be able to help with treatment.

Sleep Apnoea in Clifton Hill, VIC

Once you have been diagnosed with sleep apnoea, typically at a sleep clinic, your sleep specialist should make recommendations for treatments. 

At Clifton Hill Dental, we offer continuous open airway therapy (also known as COAT) as a treatment for sleep apnoea. This is a custom sleep appliance that we use to reposition the jaw, which keeps the airway open during sleep. By keeping the airway open, we can help the patient breathe freely throughout the night.

Another popular treatment is continuous positive airway pressure (called CPAP). With this treatment, the patient wears a facemask that delivers oxygen as they sleep.

Sleep Apnoea Treatment 

As a dentist near Northcote, we are dedicated to providing sleep apnoea treatment to area patients. We offer understanding and experienced care and will work with you to find out if COAT will provide relief from your sleep apnoea problem. 

We invite you to contact our friendly team to arrange your appointment.

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