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Can you help me with ill fitting dentures

People have presented to me many times over the past 29 years with complaints of their dentures not fitting, or that they can't chew their food properly or they have mouth pain due to their dentures.

Dentures in their basic design are inherently unstable. They are removable prosthesis that rely on suction to stay in place.

For example the upper demure covers the whole of the palate to achieve this, this can affect taste.

The lower jaw has a tongue and the floor of the mouth which are mobile so the amount of jaw to achieve suction is limited and the mobile floor of the mouth and tongue can lift the denture and cause painful ulcers.

So how can we make dentures more stable?

The simple answer is Titanium Implants. Titanium implants are Titanium screws that are drilled into the jaw bone and after a minimum of three months, the jaw bone fuses to them.

Once they are fused, we can place attachments on to the implants which with the corresponding clips attachments on the fitting surface of the denture clip together so the denture does not move and does not rely on suction.

Usually, the lower jaw only requires 2 implants and the upper needs 4 implants and no need for the palate.

The denture can be unclipped and cleaned as a normal denture. If someone wants a fixed option then implant-retained bridges can be made and they are not removable.

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