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What is bruxism?

With bruxism, patients grind their teeth, either during daytime hours or while they’re asleep. The patient may not even be aware that they’re doing it, but the condition can lead to a variety of oral healthwoman holding jaw in pain | bruxism treatment clifton hill vic conditions and can cause painful symptoms, like headaches.

How Does Bruxism Affect Your Oral Health

Bruxism can cause multiple problems with patients’ oral health, which is why we always encourage prompt treatment once diagnosed. 

Oral health problems caused by bruxism include:

  • Jaw pain due to overwork and muscle tension
  • Tooth misalignment due to movement
  • Enamel and tooth wear
  • Uneven wear on the teeth, leading to bite misalignment
  • Fractured and broken teeth

And more. Temporomandibular joint disorder (better known as TMD) has also been linked to bruxism. If you believe you grind your teeth overnight, it’s essential to seek treatment from a dental professional.

Treating TMJ in Clifton Hill

At Clifton Hill Dental, our dentists treat bruxism effectively using therapies that realign the oral structure. We may also recommend relaxation exercises, which are meant to relax muscles in your jaw, or a custom nightguard. Custom nightguards can prevent your teeth from meeting, even if you attempt to grind them overnight. This protects your teeth and preserves the integrity of your bite.

Dentist Near Me in 3068

If you need bruxism treatment in Clifton Hill or a nearby community, we invite you to contact our friendly dental team. We want to help you maintain your oral health with effective bruxism treatment.  

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