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What are dental implants?

Tooth loss can have a devastating impact on your well-being and your oral wellness. In our dental office, we offer dental implants near Thornbury to restore your smile from root to crown.

A dental implant in Clifton Hill is an artificial tooth root created from durable titanium. Your dentist implants this new root into your jaw, and it integrates with the bone. When bonding is concluded, we top your new root with a replacement tooth. We can also implant four to six implants to support a fixed denture.

man with glasses smiling l dentist northcoteThe Process For Dental Implant Dentistry

Before undergoing implant dentistry, it’s important to learn whether you’re a candidate for this technology. Your dentist near Northcote provides an exam and talks to you about what you’re looking for in a new smile. Considerations for candidacy may include jawbone health and sinus placement. However, if implants are right for you, we schedule your implant day in our dental surgery.

On implant day, we make sure your jaw is thoroughly numb before implanting your new tooth roots. After placement, you’ll wait a few months for the implants to integrate properly before receiving a new tooth or prosthetic.

For Dental Implants, We Encourage You to Contact Your Dentist Near Me

Dental implants are easy to care for and require the same upkeep and good choices as natural teeth. If you would like to arrange a consultation or learn more, we are always up for a chat!

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