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What are three common dental emergencies?

While we never want our patients to experience dental emergencies, they do happen. And when an emergency occurs, we want you to be able to respond quickly and appropriately to achieve the best outcome.

Of course, the first priority in most emergency dentistry situations should be notifying Clifton Hill Dental as soon as possible. We will work with you to get you into our dental clinic ASAP for an evaluation and treatment.

If you’re experiencing a situation where you’re unsure whether or not you’re having a dental emergency, we recommend calling our dental clinic as well. Our experienced dental team can provide you with advice over the phone on whether or not you should seek emergency dental treatment. 

woman holding jaw from tooth painThree Common Dental Emergencies: 

  • A knocked-out tooth

If you’ve lost a tooth due to injury or force, you must locate the tooth so we can attempt to reimplant it in your mouth. If you do find the tooth, don’t touch its root. Instead, please pick it up by the crown and place it either inside your mouth or in a container with milk until you reach your emergency dentist in Clifton Hill. When you arrive, we will most likely attempt reimplantation. However, this is often only successful in cases where we can reimplant the tooth quickly.

Patients often experience a fracture or break in their tooth either due to injuries, like a bike or car accident, or because they’ve bitten down on a hard object or crunchy food. While the break may not feel painful, it’s essential to see the dentist. A broken tooth can injure your tongue or the inside of your mouth with its sharp edges. If the break is bad, your tooth’s nerve may also be in danger.

  • An infected tooth

If you suspect an infection, it’s vital to seek a dentist or medical professional’s advice immediately. Infections can spread rapidly, leading to severe health problems. If you visit our clinic with an infected tooth, we’ll most likely recommend root canal treatment.

Emergency Dentist in Thornbury

If you have a dental emergency, we invite you to contact Clifton Hill Dental. Our skilled dentists provide emergency care to patients to relieve pain and safeguard their oral health. 

Disclaimer: The information throughout this site is not intended to be taken as medical advice.
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