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Why it's important to straighten teeth with orthodontics

May 13, 2020
Posted By: Clifton Hill Team

When people think about or discuss about orthodontics, they are usually worried about getting straight teeth and a nice smile. In other words, they usually just consider the aesthetics.

That is a very valid point for wanting straighter teeth, and more so than you may realize. “Crooked “teeth can affect the appearance of your smile, your profile, the amount of tooth you show during smiling, your facial structure, and overall facial aesthetics.

However, having straight teeth has a direct effect to the overall dental health and in association general health.

For example, when teeth are crowded there are more areas for plaque to build up and harder to clean. Hence crowded teeth have a higher incidence of gum disease and eventual tooth loss.

Another issue is that the top and bottom teeth work together during chewing and if the teeth are not straight, they will wear out unevenly over the years.

People with deep bite are more prone to tooth grinding which can result in tooth wear and pain of the jaw joints, facial pain, and shortening of the face where your chin gets closer to your nose.

Other issues are teeth not meeting at all or incorrectly, this can result in speech issues and problems with chewing food.

As you can see , having orthodontic treatment is more than straight teeth .Modern techniques allow us to treat many issues with and without wire braces .

We at Clifton Hill Dental have been formally trained to diagnose and manage many cases or else refer you to the appropriate specialists if need be.

So if you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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