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Do you offer orthodontics for children?

We offer orthodontics in Clifton Hill for patients of all ages, and this always includes children.

Early orthodontics may provide your child with healthier teeth in the future by eliminating tooth stress due to a misaligned bite. Early orthodontics also addresses developmental issues, making teeth straightening less complex during teen years. A straight smile is typically easier to brush and floss effectively as well.

Ways Orthodontics May Help Your Child

Other ways orthodontics may help your child include:

  • Speech development
  • Easier chewing
  • Healthier jaw joints

We monitor your child closely from their first visit but place a particular emphasis on tooth and jaw development around age seven. This is the age when they might benefit the most from early intervention.

Orthodontic recommendations at this age may include palatal expanders or space maintainers. These options can make future orthodontics easier by creating or maintaining space for adult teeth to erupt correctly.

Your child's dentist in Clifton Hill may also recommend traditional braces to guide your child's smile into proper alignment. We may also offer Invisalign for older teens who are committed to their orthodontic regimen.

The goal of orthodontics is to give your child straight teeth, but there may be several oral health benefits that go along with an aligned smile.

Are You Looking for Orthodontics from a 'Dentist Near Me?'

We are always happy to welcome children and families into our dental practice. If you would like to establish dentistry with us, or if you would like to arrange an orthodontic consultation for your child, we encourage your call.

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